FDCPA Intake Questions

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Intake Questions for Possible FDCPA Cases

  1. Have you been contacted by any collection agencies or law firms regarding any of you debts?
  2. Do you have any letters from any collection agencies or law firms regarding any of your debts?
  3. Do you have any recordings of phone conversations or voice mail messages from them?
  4. Have you ever received phone calls from them at work after you told them not to call you there?
  5. Have they ever called you before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.?  If yes, do you  have phone records or a caller ID showing this?
  6. Have you received calls from them more than once a day?  Several days in a row?  If so, how often?  Do you have phone records or a caller ID showing this?
  7. Did they tell you that they were a "debt collector" during every conversation and in every message they left for you?
  8. Have you ever been threatened with violence, legal action, garnishment or seizure of your property?
  9. Have they ever used obscene, profane or insulting language in conversations or in messages left for you?
  10. Have they ever made any false statements to you, including misrepresenting the amount you owe?
  11. Have you ever been told that by not paying your debt, you have committed a crime, you could be arrested or you could go to jail?
  12. Have they ever misidentified themselves or failed to identify themselves in any conversations?
  13. Have they ever spoken with any of your family members (other than your spouse), friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.?
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